Field Trip Hosting Guide

Field Trips are one of the basic ways the club introduces new shroomers to the where and how of hunting, and they can be enjoyable social time for all participants.

Important ways hosts can help make a successful field trip

  • Confirm with the Field Trip coordinator the site location, find out who will be the Master Identifier, and contact their co-host if there is one. Co-hosts may divide the following duties.
  • Pick up the 3 field trip plastic tote boxes from CUH sometime during the week. You should allow 30 minutes to pick up the key from the office, drive down to the storage shed, re-supply the boxes with any missing disposables and return the key to the office.
  • Arrive at least 45 min. earlier than the start time (usual start time is 9 AM) in order to:
    a) locate the reserved site or select an appropriate location
    b) light the camp stove and start water heating
    c) place direction signs where helpful to aid arriving members locating you
    d) put out the sign-in sheet
    e) put out a garbage bag for trash if recepticles are not close at hand
  • A host should remain on site until 10 AM to:
    a) greet arrivees,
    b) inform them of possible directions to hunt
    c) determine the interest in and start time for a pot-luck
    d) discuss with the Master Identifier their schedule and any extra-curricular talk they may give
  • A host should be available 45 min. before the start time for dinner
    a) to help organize
    b) weather permitting, wait at least one hour after the announced start time for dinner, before beginning to break camp.
  • Leave each site in good order and ask who can pack out the trash if a receptacle is not available. Generally club members are willing to lend a hand for many duties in setup and take down. Hosts should not feel reticent to ask for volunteers to gather wood, start the stove, etc.

Thank you for helping

Volunteering to co-host one out of the 8-10 field trips each year is a valuable contribution to keeping PSMS a successful educational and recreational club.

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