Presidents of PSMS

  • 1964-66Ben Woo
  • 1966-67Charles Volz
  • 1967-68George Rafanelli
  • 1968-69Ralph Nolan
  • 1969-70Morrill Gatcom
  • 1970-72Robert Ramsey
  • 1972-74Howard Melsen
  • 1974-76Milton Grout
  • 1976-78John Orth
  • 1978-80Jennie Schmitt
  • 1980-82Carl Hermanson
  • 1982-84Milton Grout
  • 1984-86Margaret Dilly
  • 1986-88Coleman Leuthy
  • 1988-90Gilbert Austin
  • 1990-92Kern Hendricks
  • 1992-94Richard Sieger
  • 1994-96Patrice Benson
  • 1996-98Marshall Palmer
  • 1998-00Doug Ward
  • 2000-02Joanne Young
  • 2002-04Karin Mendell
  • 2004-06Ron Post
  • 2006-10Patrice Benson
  • 2010-15Marian Maxwell
  • 2015-19Kim Traverse
  • 2019-23Randy Richardson
  • 2023-25Colin Meyer

*Blue indicates those PSMS Presidents who have passed.

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