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PSMS holds classes and other skills workshops for its members throughout the fall, winter and spring.
You must be an active PSMS member to register for any of the classes or the waiting lists for those classes. If there are any exceptions to this policy, it will be noted in the class description.
Class offerings will periodically include topics like Introduction to Mushrooms and Mushroom Hunting, Mushroom Identification, Microscopy, Mycophagy, Natural Dyes, Photography and Crafts. 

For a current list of classes and workshops offered, please see the Class and Workshop Registration page.

The following are some classes that are commonly held:

Introduction to Mushrooms and Mushroom Hunting

The Beginning class covers basics of mushroom hunting, identification, common mushrooms of the PNW, mushroom toxins and toxic mushrooms, and mushrooms as a hobby (cooking, arts and crafts, etc.).

Cost: $50 for the class (either four 2-hour classes or an all-in-one day 8 hour class). Please bring in any mushrooms you can find.

Mushroom Identification

The first class to focus on identification skills and concepts needed to learn to identify and classify mushrooms.

Cost: $50 for a series of four classes (either four 2-hour classes or an all-in-one day 8 hour class). Please bring in any mushrooms you can find.

Myco-Photo Workshop

Persons with all levels of expertise are invited to join us for a Myco-Walk. There are always mushrooms out, even if there are none to eat, so don't worry about not having any photographic subjects! Coffee and snacks will be provided before we start the walk. The day will begin with some technical discussion then we'll break into smaller more intimate groups. The groups will disperse in the park to spend time trying some experiments and exercises to see what we can do with our cameras. We'll reconvene at the end of the day to review and discuss our efforts and even project photos for everyone to see any efforts they are willing to share.

Cost: Free

Other classes include: Microscopy, Natural Dyes, Photography, Crafts, and Mycophagy at varied costs.

To become a member: Please visit the membership page.
To register for classes: Please visit the Classes and Workshops Registration page.
Questions?: education@psms.org

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