The Patrice Benson Golden Mushroom Award

The Patrice Benson Golden Mushroom Award is presented yearly to a member or members in Recognition of his/her or their exemplary dedication and long-standing service to the Puget Sound Mycological Society. These individuals have been instrumental in contributing to, shaping, and developing our group in a large way. We thank them for their countless hours of service on our Society's behalf.

The Patrice Benson Golden Mushroom Award Recipients

  • 2023Gwen Heib
  • 2023Dory Maubach
  • 2022Scott Maxwell
  • 2021Wren Hudgins
  • 2020Danny Miller
  • 2019Brenda Fong
  • 2018Daniel Winkler
  • 2017Don and Cathy Lennebacker
  • 2016Luise Asif
  • 2015Milton & Reba Tam
  • 2014Margaret & Claude Dilly
  • 2013Patrice Benson
  • 2012Coleman Leuthy
  • 2011Irwin & Millie Kleinman
  • 2010Pacita Roberts
  • 2009John Goldman
  • 2008Colin Meyer
  • 2007Lorraine Dodd
  • 2006Marsi & Magda DiGiovanni
  • 2005Lynn Phillips
  • 2004Marian Maxwell
  • 2003Bernice Velategui
  • 2002Russ Kurtz
  • 2001Charlotte Zila
  • 2000Agnes A. Sieger
  • 1999Sara Clark
  • 1998George Rafanelli
  • 1997Hildegard & Monte Hendrickson
  • 1996Beth & Harold Schnarre
  • 1995Brian Luther
  • 1994Dennis Bowman
  • 1993Joy Spurr

*Blue indicates those PSMS members who have passed.

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