PSMS K-12 Grants

The Puget Sound Mycological Society, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization chartered in 1964, has established a small grant program to help fund the study of mycology in Pacific Northwest classrooms in K-12 public and tribal schools. Realizing that it is often difficult for these schools to fund additional science educational materials, the PSMS would like to offer these classrooms a chance to promote and further the understanding of fungi in the classroom. K-12 Pacific Northwest public school classrooms and tribal schools may apply for a grant of up to $250.00 per classroom for supplies and/or educational materials to enhance the study of mycology in their classrooms. Classrooms that have been approved for the grant will purchase the supplies and be reimbursed after submitting receipts for the approved purchases.

Grant Guidelines

  • Grants may be awarded for small amounts up to $250 per classroom per calendar year.
  • We will consider applications as they come in. For consideration for the school year starting in September applications must be submitted by May 1 of that same year, since the board does not meet in most of the summer.
  • Grants will be allocated for projects, studies, equipment and educational events within public or tribal schools K-12 related to Mycology.
  • Only K-12 public or tribal schools located in the State of Washington may apply for these grants.
  • Recipients agree to submit a brief report to PSMS at the conclusion of the project or education event as to how the project impacted or benefited the students.

An application may be downloaded below or contact PSMS by email at for more information. for more information.

Application Form

Word Doc

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